Wednesday, 25 January 2017

America is leaderless in 2017

Donald John Trump was not hiding his light under a bushel until after the presidential inauguration.

When during the Republican Party preselection process and then the long national presidential election campaign Trump kept telling the world how smart he was I’m sure there were those who secretly hoped this was so and, that the content of his stump speeches, his social media rants and very limited vocabulary were in combination simply a ploy aimed at the lowest denominator on the voter spectrum.

Unfortunately for those sanguine souls President Trump’s inauguration speech on 20 January 2017, his address to the Central Intelligence Agency the next day, as well as his inflating of swearing-in ceremony crowd size before sending his press secretary out to lie on his behalf, will have dashed theses hopes.

Donald Trump remains exactly as he always presented himself and now America has a predatory oaf as its 45th president.

One so intellectually lightweight, wilfully ignorant, boastful, bigoted, paranoid, vengeful, erratic and work-shy, that effectively the United States of America is a nation which is leaderless as it goes forward.

Who will fill the vacuum is anyone’s guess.

Will it be his immediate family framing policy and making decisions for him to strut before the cameras? Will it be his newly installed far-right captain’s picks in the White House administration running the country in spite of Trump’s inadequacies? Or will it be a combination of family members, captain's picks and Congress racing around putting out political fires as Trump uncontrollably rampages across the economic and social landscape?

The future is unknowable until it becomes the present and by then it may be too late for America.

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the US was leaderless following the fall from grace of Bill Clinton and I think it is as a result of that leadership vacuum that Trump/Bannon and their band of ingrates managed to out-bully a weak group of Republican candidates.

It has become obvious to me, as a Canadian, that it is critical that citizens advocate on behalf of all their political parties for the strongest possible candidates in order to avoid the growth of this type of US-style garbage politics.

A citizen should feel represented by their political leaders, whether they voted for the one who ends up in power or not. Clearly, this is not the case in the US. They have lost their way. They no longer know what they stand for, who they are and what is right. It's sad to watch and sadder still to imagine how much worse it can get.