Saturday, 22 April 2017

Quotes of the Week

The president doesn’t want to shoot this hostage [ObamaCare], but Democrats should be calling him up and begging him not to shoot the hostage. They should be grateful for the chance to negotiate a deal in which he merely cuts off all the hostage’s fingers. After all, who is the public gonna blame for the hostage’s murder: the people who loved it, or the guy with the gun shouting all of this through a bullhorn? [Journalist Eric Levitz writing in New York magazine on 12 April 2017]

It’s almost as if Centrelink set out to design the worst system possible. It’s as if the department worked at finding the most vindictive and imprecise arrangements through which to pursue the people it is supposed to serve, then put out a tender to see if they could be made more cruel. [The Saturday Papereditorial, 15-21 April 2017]

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