Monday, 8 March 2010

Now it's K-K-Keneally the Art Critic

What is it with pollies? As soon as they get into positions of power or prominence the barely qualified little tossers decide that they are art critics come morals police.

Now we have NSW Premier Kristina K. Keneally telling us not to inhale as we pass one of the portraits entered into Archibald prize competition.

K-K-Keneally trills; "I don't think this was a painting we needed to see...."I certainly won't be going to view it."

Ms Keneally said she would be happy to view the rest of the paintings in the competition.

The NSW North Coast would be much better served if this premier turned her mind from moralising about art towards the very real parlous state of the Pacific Highway.

She still hasn't come north at the invitation of Northern Rivers mayors (or sent anyone in her stead) and as of last Friday, Ms Keneally had not officially replied to the invitation sent 28 days ago.

What a poor showing!

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