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Metgasco ended the year in the news for all the wrong reasons

The Northern Star 5 December 2012:
Federal Labor MP for Page Janelle Saffin (far right) visits Glenugie in the Clarence Valley on 23 December 2012:

The Northern Star 28 December 2012:

Gasland valuation

IF destroying life as we know it won't wake the people of the Northern Rivers / Clarence Valley up from their superficial slumber, then a sharp Metgasco shot to their their hip pocket might jolt them into reality.
I recently received this statement from a very concerned Northern Rivers Real Estate Agent - specialising in rural landholdings: "I am a Northern Rivers Real Estate Sales Agent and have strong connections with rural property owners and dealings with rural sales in the region.
"I believe that if a landholder permits a well to be situated upon their landholding (be it exploratory or productive), that there would be a significant decrease in the market value of that property and neighbouring properties.
"It is my view that should a property have a gas well upon it (or a waste water holding Pond/Transfer Pond), then the particular property would be extremely difficult to sell, as would neighbouring properties.
"I have already had comments from prospective purchasers who do not wish to inspect or purchase property in areas of current or future exploration. So the negative effects are already evident in the community."
M Mizzi, Lismore
The Northern Star 29 December 2012:
AQUATIC animal health expert Dr Matt Landos of Ballina says the coal seam gas industry will be another hit for aquatic life.
He said it was very likely ground water on the Northern Rivers would be contaminated when the mining industry was in full swing.
"Drilling fluids can contaminate aquifers. Sooner or later it will find its way into waterways," he said.
"Some of the compounds have never been tested on fish."
Also, fish and oyster larvae were sensitive to the hydrocarbons which could be released from the sub-strata when drill casings failed…..
His comments come at the same time the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training said it was possible contaminated ground water could get into oceans.
The water flows into the ocean underground through old river channels that have since been buried, known as "wonky holes", said the centre's Professor Craig Simmons.
"If there's any contamination in the ground water ... they intersect with one of these wonky holes, they're definitely going to take out the chemistry as well as the water," Prof Simmons said.
"It's certainly not impossible that something like that could happen. I've not heard of it yet but there are certainly nutrients that are taken into the ocean so there is that possibility."
Prof Simmons said more research needed to be done.
Excerpt from a letter to the editor published in The Daily Examiner, Grafton, on 28 December 2012:

To me it’s commonsense, you only need to look at the landscape of towns such as Tara and Chinchilla to realise that this is going to have a detrimental effect on our lives.
This is what is planned for the Northern Rivers region and I’d be dammed if I am not going to fight for it.
Kym Benson, Lawrence Road  
Australian Stock Exchange records for Metgasco Limited at 8am 30 December 2012. This mining exploration and production company intends to commence drilling at Glenugie near Grafton early this month:
Closing prices
Closing prices are displayed for the last 5 days on which the security traded on ASX within the last 6 months.
Vol *
28 Dec 2012
27 Dec 2012
24 Dec 2012
21 Dec 2012
20 Dec 2012
* Volume of shares shown represents only those shares traded on ASX.
Metgasco daily share prices for the last twelve months as traded on the Australian Stock: Exchange
 And highly misleading advertising found on Google 31 December 2012:

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Agenda 21 is where we need to be looking for why our governments are seeming to be ignoring us. Its not seeming it is a reality and this tells us why - we have been sold out on behalf of the worlds elite with the help of the United Nations