Friday, 12 July 2013

Abbott caught lying again

In which Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott attempts to write independent blog No Fibs’ role out of recent political history and blame Kevin Rudd for the Freedom Of Information request that revealed Abbott has improperly claimed over $9,000 in parliamentary entitlements in 2009……..

Excerpt from interview transcript posted at No Fibs 9 July 2013:

It’s been reported that you have been forced to repay the amount? Are the reports inaccurate?
This was dealt with two years ago. This is old news. Old news. Now, why is Kevin Rudd now trying to dish this sort of dirt? Kevin Rudd came into the prime ministership a few days ago and he said let’s have a kinder, gentler polity. Now, that was a bit rich from someone who’d spent three years and three days plotting against a prime minister, but he called for a kinder, gentler polity and he called for positive politics. Now, we’ve got the Labor Party spinning this kind of stuff. Now, let’s move on.
It’s not the Labor Party. It’s an independent website who did an FOI?
Let’s move on. Let’s move on.

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Anonymous said...

So Mr Abbott acknowledges that wrongly claiming over $9,000 is a "dirt" thing to do?