Thursday, 1 August 2013

CSG industry begins to spend "multi-millions of dollars" to drown out Northern Rivers and other communities across Australia

Ad News 30 July 2013:

The peak body representing Australia's oil and natural gas producers has launched a multimillion-dollar public awareness campaign to warn of the dangers to the economy of a slowdown in the industry.

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association, which represents more than 80 full member companies and 250 associate member companies, kicked off the 'Our Natural Advantage' campaign last night.

A spokesperson for APPEA declined to comment on the exact amount but said the spend was "significant" and "in the multi-millions of dollars". The TV ads will be supported by print and radio……

Apparently Northern Rivers communities and residents who do not support the likes of Metgasco and ERM Power are unpatriotic and uncaring because we will not allow director-shareholders to fill their bank accounts at the expense of our own existing regional economies, amenity, lifestyle and an environmentally sustainable future for local families....

Metgasco joins in the blamefest with an email round robin delivering this message from CEO Peter Henderson:

Unfortunately for APPEA and Metgasco the Australian media is not always obliging:

Australian Financial Review Editorial & Opinion, 30 July 2013

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John Fraser said...

Here in Queensland they have former football "stars" to spruik their "good intentions" .. no doubt that will soon be the case in N.S.W.

Regardless of what happens in N.S.W. I think you are stuffed because the Queensland CSG industry has been allowed to proceed at an incredibly rapid rate with bugger all checks and balances ... that means the chance of something going drastically wrong is increased and it will flow down your way.

Regardless I would continue fighting them.

Good luck ... you're going to need it.