Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Coalition Government not yet sworn in and it may be that Australian voters are already starting to question their choice

It would appear that Australians polled a mere nine days after the 7 September federal election believe that unemployment, cost of living, interest rates, health services, job security, workers’ rights, the environment, education and schools, public services, welfare benefits and their personal financial situation will all be “worse off” under the incoming Liberal/National Government.

The Essential Report of 16 September 2013 also shows the beginnings of a potential shift in voter intentions:

Sep 16, 2013

Q. If a Federal Election was held today to which party will you probably give your first preference vote? If not sure, which party are you currently leaning toward?
Q. If don’t know -Well which party are you currently leaning to?

Sample size = 1,864 respondents

NB.  The data in the above tables comprise 2-week averages derived from the first preference/leaning to voting questions.  Respondents who select ‘don’t know’ are not included in the results.  The two-party preferred estimate is calculated by distributing the votes of the other parties according to their preferences at the 2010 election.

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