Thursday, 5 September 2013

Seems Rev Fred is moving

According to documents lodged with the AEC the registered office of the the Fred Nile Group (aka the CDP) is 1 Hamer Street Kogarah Bay and at that address one should expect to find Frederick John Nile.

A little bit of investigation revealed the property at 1 Hamer Street Kogarah Bay is set for auction at 4.00pm on Saturday 14th September. It's open for inspection on three occasions prior to auction time. Interestingly, one inspection time is this Saturday, election day, from 12 noon - 1.00pm.

Readers might recall the scorn heaped on Julia Gillard for the appearance of her kitchen. Well, take a gander at Fred's kitchen - there's not a tea towel in sight!

Agents describe the place as a "Light Filled Family Haven Of Space And Privacy" - seems an "e"was left out of the word beginning with "H"and ending with "n".

Could this be the room where the CDP power brokers assemble?
Fred's floor covering matches the colour of the NSW Upper House. Hmmmmm, perhaps his new bride isn't impressed with his choice of colours and seeks a new address.

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