Thursday, 10 October 2013

George Brandis has a book or two

"Attorney-General George Brandis has defended as within his rights spending nearly $13,000 of taxpayer funds over the past four years on his personal library....
A Fairfax Media analysis of Senator Brandis' expenses, following a report from blogger Stephen Murray, shows that he has spent $12,808.35 on publications between July 2009 and December 2012."

The mainstream media refer to Senator Brandis' growing library as a personal one.

Personal it most definitely is as Brandis declared it (for what appears to be the first time) as a private asset, along with his own car, in his 2011 Statement of Registrable Interests:

Readers will notice that he declares the library to be a professional one. Presumably tax deductible in some form or other at the end of each financial year.

Perhaps the good senator is amassing an apparently extensive range of taxpayer-funded books to add to this library in anticipation of consultancy work once he retires from Parliament?

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