Saturday, 19 October 2013

Australian Electoral Commission issues a gentle reminder to come clean

All political parties need to list every donation, dot every i and cross every t - because ordinary voters are watching and they are not happy.....

Updated: 17 October 2013

The AEC today reminded all registered political parties and associated entities that annual disclosure returns for the 2012-13 financial year must be lodged by 20 October 2013.
More than 50 political parties and 100 associated entities have yet to lodge their disclosure returns.
Annual disclosure returns must be lodged within 16 weeks after the end of the financial year.
Registered political parties and associated entities are required to disclose total receipts, total payments, total debts and details of receipts and debts greater than the disclosure threshold for the financial year.
Section 315 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 provides for penalties for failure to lodge returns within the required timeframe.
Political parties and their associated entities can prepare and lodge their returns online via the eReturns portal.
Lodging returns online is quick, secure, environmentally friendly, and allows for the importing/exporting of files, which eliminates transcription errors.
Annual disclosure returns are made available for public inspection on the AEC’s website on the first working day in February every year. 2012-13 financial year disclosure returns will be made public on Monday 3 February 2014.
To assist political parties and associated entities with completing their return online, the eReturns Political Party Quick Reference Guide and eReturns Associated Entity Quick Reference Guide are available.
National media contact:
Phil Diak | Director Media
AEC, Canberra
02 6271 4415
0413 452 539

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