Friday, 20 December 2013

To Metgasco Limited and all State & Federal NSW North Coast National Party MPs - Merry Christmas!

The Northern Star  20 December 2013:

USING knitting as a "tool for non-violent form of political activism", the Knitting Nannas Against Gas are now regulars at anti-coal seam gas protests throughout the region.
One of their favourite haunts is the office of Lismore MP Thomas George.
The ladies said their knitting skills were "less important than the act of bearing witness while we knit".....

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John Fraser said...


I sincerely hope the "Knitting Nannas Against Gas" are knitting colourful covers for Aussies who will still be giving Metgasco the 1 & 2 finger salute through winter.

Perhaps a new export market for Clarence River .... because there are plenty of Aussies who want to do the same to the "Slick" Abbott gang.

Will leave it with you Clarence River gal.