Saturday, 11 January 2014

Abbott cuts a rug

On 8 January 2014 News Ltd informed the world that the Prime Minister’s official Sydney residence Kirribilli House was getting a taxpayer-funded $12,915 family room rug from Milgate interior designs.

Now the only floor coverings carried by Milgate appear to be of either English or French design, materials and manufacture.

If the Abbott family’s taste in carpets matches its political sense of entitlement, one wonders what the family room will look like.

Perhaps something to match his plans for a $250 million VIP jet?

A classic Braquenié Napoleonic design might be appropriate for our vertically challenged prime minister?


John Fraser said...


I suppose all Australians should be happy they have got this much information relayed to them via the American owner of 70% of Australia's print media.

What other country has a leader who is a bully, an armed forces who refuse to tell the public what they are up to and an American owner of 70% of Australia's print media who does everything that leader asks him.

No its not Zimbabwe !

No its not North Korea !

sue said...

can hardly wait for an ABC comedy with each of the Abbott clan featuring on the rug with Oz flag, they are all adults after all