Tuesday, 14 January 2014

OBIT: Hon. Anthony John 'Tony' Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon. Anthony John 'Tony' Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia, passed away suddenly on Friday, 13 June 2014.

He collapsed in mid-sentence at a press conference outside Parliament House with what was at first thought to be heatstroke brought on by an unseasonably hot winter day.

However his condition worsened and he was rushed to Canberra Hospital where he was admitted to the coronary care unit.

Medical treatment was complicated by the discovery of symptoms of ‘concrete heart’ syndrome and that, in combination with low hospital staffing levels due to recent Federal Government funding cuts, meant that the Prime Minister died within four hours of admission.

Tony Abbott was a man of no fixed principles, who rose to power on the back of his ability to be unrelentingly negative, viciously sledge political opponents and endlessly repeat three word slogans.

An intolerant, muscular Christian who thought the poor always responsible for their own misfortune and their children undeserving of a decent public education.

His reputation for sexism and misogyny was known around the world, as was his commitment to political untruths.

A friend to a select few – particularly those from his own religious or social background and assorted media barons.

Tony Abbott is sincerely mourned by members of his immediate family.

The Liberal Party of Australia issued a brief statement of regret on his passing, then returned to the task of choosing a new leader.

A number of spontaneous street parties were reported to have occurred across Australia when his death was announced.

There was a mixed reaction from world leaders.

Cardinal George Pell has issued a media release stating his intention to tirelessly work for the canonisation of the late prime minister.

Mr. Abbott’s ashes will be returned to England and interred in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, close by the grave of his hero former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven.


John Fraser said...


Astounded that Abbott would get such a complimentary obituary.

Surely more could have been said about his war on everything ?

Kevin Rennie said...


"Concrete heart" - I love it when you talk naughty!

Fiona said...