Monday, 10 February 2014

Activists write to Metgasco investors and one shareholder is not amused

Poor, poor John Vaughn. First fighting on one front to try and protect the value of his Metgasco Limited shares and now launching a second move.

The life of a Metgasco shareholder must be an unhappy one.

Echo NetDaily 4 February 2014:

There’s a new approach by activists battling against the planned natural gas industry expansion in the region: a number of Metgasco’s largest shareholders have been sent a letter advising them about the size and effectiveness of the social movement that opposes its operations.
It comes as protesters gear up for a fight against proposed drilling operations at Bentley, near Lismore.
Michael Qualmann, on behalf of Gasfield Free Northern Rivers, sent the letters last week saying that Metgasco had been understating the scale of public opposition and that the regional community was well organised and had undertaken training in non-violent direct action.
Mr Qualmann says Byron Bay resident John Vaughan, whose super fund is listed in Metgasco’s 2013 annual return as its eighth largest shareholder, contacted Mr Qualmann after the letter was sent and told him that he may lose his home in litigation.
‘I don’t know why anyone would consider this litigious,’ Mr Qualmann told Echonetdaily, ‘I’m actually doing the shareholders a service by providing them with information about risks to their investment that they may not be aware of’......

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