Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Further evidence of the talent in the Abbott Government

In November 2012 NSW Senator Arthur Sinodinos, who is now the Assistant Treasurer in the Abbott Government, informed the parliament that he had resigned from the board of the Mary Makillop [sic] Foundation. In an earlier declaration (25/11/2012) Senator Sinodinos referred to it as the Mary Mackillop [sic] Foundation.

No, Senator Sinodinos, it's the Mary MacKillop Foundation.

On 25 November 2011 the senator declared he was on the board of Blue Earth [sic] Charity. He informed the parliament in a declaration dated 11 November 20ll (but stamped by the Registry on 22 December 2011) that he resigned from the board on 13 December 2011. But, to his credit, the senator informed the Registry that he had previously goofed and it was in fact the Bluearth Foundation.

Senator Sinodinos needs to polish up on the names of the charities he gets himself associated with AND he needs remedial lessons in reading the calendar. One has to wonder if the senator can read the time from a clock face ... the big hand is on ... and the little hand is on ...

See the senator's declarations here.

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