Sunday, 30 March 2014

Is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott barking mad or merely a silly fool?

Sir Pository of Wisdom from the brush of Ron Tandberg

But that’s what Governors-General do – they encourage us to be our best selves. They are our cheerleaders-in-chief…..
As Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Lynne travel the length and breadth of our country, visiting all the places that aren’t important enough for Prime Ministers…

Firstly, Sir Pository of Wisdom ignores the fact that a governor-general is not a cheerleader, but the Monarch’s representative in a constitutional monarchy and therefore one of the safeguards built into the Australian Constitution.

Secondly, he is wrong about the title of the Governor-General’s spouse – she is Lady Cosgrove. She would only be Lady Lynne is she had a title in her own right.

Thirdly, the Governor-General and his spouse take precedence over the Prime Minister and his spouse.

Finally, Sir Pository confirms that he considers much of Australia is beneath his notice as prime minister.


Anonymous said...

I do believe his is BOTH - barking mad and a silly fool.

With a silly fool of a speech writer as well - unless of course that was his own words, which would reinforce the 'silly fool' premise.

And an even sillier populace lurking beneath his importance, in those who voted for him and his party.

Anonymous said...

couldn't disagree more.
If you watch the speech he gave he was merely stating that the Governor-General is more important than the Prime Minister. By "not important enough" he is saying that there are places not appropriate for him. Not that he is above anything or that anything is below him. Another thing thrown out of perspective.

Charlie Salisbury said...

Clearly he is not the only nutter contributing to this discussion.