Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Thank the gods! I'm not a Liberal.

As Abbott and Co continue to lay waste to democratic processes, socio-economic policy, access and equity – readers might like to take this test to see if they have been contaminated with the far-right berserker virus:

Thankfully, my results showed I was far away from the more virulent  policy positions of Abbott, Hockey, Cormann, Brandis, Pyne, Bernardi, Bishop, and the rest of those sitting on the government benches in Pariament House, Canberra:

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John Fraser said...


Thank you North Coast Voices for the Link to the "Political Quiz".

I have posted it here ... ...
with all appropriate acknowledgements.

North Coast Voices Moderators and readers might like to visit that site and see peoples results, which I have asked them to post.

Alongside mine, of course.

Thanks again North Coast Voices.