Monday, 17 March 2014

Under Tony Abbott's government the military are crossing a dangerous line 14 March 2014:

AUSTRALIA’S top ranking officer, Defence Chief General David Hurley, has warned Tasmanian Senator-elect and former soldier Jacqui Lambie against using the media to criticise the military.
In an unprecedented political intervention by a serving military officer, General Hurley wrote to the Palmer United Party Senator-elect after she issued a media release alleging that abuse was an “intractable problem” in the forces.
The 10-year army veteran has demanded the government extend the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (DART) indefinitely to enable all those affected by abuse to come forward.
“It’s clear from information that’s become public and information I’ve received privately that abuse, including sexual abuse in Australia’s Defence Force is an intractable problem, which is far more serious than most people would have realised,” her media release said.
She also said that a high level and “poisonous” culture of cover-up within Defence had stopped abuse victims from speaking out.
In his unsolicited letter, General Hurley said he was alarmed by Ms Lambie’s use of emotive language to make accusations against senior military officers.
“I encourage you in future to provide me an opportunity to address any matters of concern you may have rather than becoming aware of them through a media release,” he said.
“Such an approach will go a long way to building a productive relationship between you and the ADF when you assume your position in the Senate.”…..

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John Fraser said...


Apparently General Hurley is concerned about "ordinary" Aussies commenting on the ADF in whatever forum they may wish to choose.

A lot of people think of that as a democratic right.

Unfortunately he brings the ADF into even more disrepute by his ill judged comments.

As if armed intervention against unarmed refugees isn't bad enough.