Monday, 9 June 2014

A confidential notice of motion before Clarence Valley Council piques my interest

The very last item in Clarence Valley Council’s Governance & Corporate Committee business paper for 10 June 2014 piqued my interest:

20.008/14 Referrals to Industrial Relations Commission
The General Manager advises that, in accordance with Section 10A (2)(a) of the Local
Government Act 1993, that the matter be dealt with in a Closed Meeting as the matter and
information are personnel matters concerning particular individuals (other than councillor).

Scrolling through this business paper I found it concerned a motion lodged by Cr. Karen Toms.

So my fingers took a walk down Google byways using keywords from the listed item and this is what I found:

Could it be that there is yet another argument brewing over the degree of control the General Manger is exercising with regard to the flow of information concerning council industrial relations disputes/adjudications/legal costs?

Given a recently discovered management error of judgement, one wonders how the next General Manager's Performance Review will pan out.


Ursula Tunks said...

Excellent research. Thank you NCV :-D

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff ClarenceGirl, keep digging, I for one would like to know if the GM wasted$14,900 of our money through a legal stupidity, and, if so, will it be recovered from his salary?

Anonymous said...

By my count councilors will have been waiting for 5 months for that that report from the GM by the time it's handed over in July.