Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Abbott Family spin cycle continues - this time about the clothes they wear

 Second-hand rose: Margie Abbott in the Salvation Army store in Manly after launching National Op Shop Week on Saturday. 
Photo: Daniel Munoz/Getty Images. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 August 014.

If Margie Abbott regularly purchased clothing at op shops it was a long, long time ago.

This is an image of the Abbott family on federal election night in September 2013; in garb which had come straight from dress designers and probably a bespoke tailor.

Margie Abbott is wearing a custom made Veronica Al Khoury dress, the daughters apparently wearing outfits from Toni Maticevsk and, the man in the centre of this photograph has of course been receiving tailored suits and high quality shirts and ties as ‘gifts’ from one of his supporters, Les Taylor, for a number of years.

All one has to do is trawl though Google Images to find multiple examples of the fact that op shops are alien to the Abbott family.

1 comment:

John Fraser said...


"The reporting was inaccurate".

"It was taken out of context".

"Margie meant to say".

"The whole event was to promote Op shops".

"The cat vomited on my homework".

The truth ...... the Abbott gangs policies will soon have everyone shopping at Op shops and Margie wants us to know its OK.

I can almost hear her saying .... "the things I have to do for Tony, and he won't even buy a different shirt let alone a different coloured tie".