Saturday, 11 October 2014

Amargi Wolf: Please help save some dingoes!

This little black pup was found whining in the bush near Grafton. Although not a common colouring for dingoes, he is very dingo-like. DNA tests will tell, but of course this costs money, as does vaccinations, worming, feeding etc etc... Please help us look after this beautiful little fella!

I take on young rescued dingoes, for rehabilitation & rehoming. The costs involved in such a project have been & still are huge - special fencing, food, vet bills, DNA tests, desexing, immunisation, microchips, registration, pest & medical treatment, equipment etc etc..

More rescues are coming in now, as this year's pups become orphaned by the Winter baiting programs. I need another compound & holding pen, and to be able to cover the costs of looking after the new pups - some of which no doubt will involve extra vet bills. 

I am on a pension due to physical problems, I get the odd job here & there as a dog trainer & canine behaviourist, but not much due to where I live, as well as the physical problems which make it painful for me to travel. 

Please help in any way you can, even the smallest donation will be greatly appreciated! If you are unable or prefer not to donate online, please message me & I will send you bank details for a direct deposit :)

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