Saturday, 29 November 2014

For those hoping to see Tony Abbott receive a vicarious boot between the legs - here's the Victorian State Election Virtual Tally Room link & apps for 29 November 2014

Follow the action at the official Victorian State Election Virtual Tally Room after 6pm on 29 November 2014 at:

Victoria Votes Mnet Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

ABC online coverage at:

ABC Radio 774 Melbourne at: & follow the count on livestream after 6pm at

The Age newspaper online at:

Herald Sun newspaper online at:

ABC News 24 Victoria Votes 2014 from 6pm


A. Non. said...

About those legs and the bugger's gait. Does he seek to demonstrate that he possesses some Superman-sized gonads that force him to walk with a stride akin to a gun fighter in an old western movie? Perhaps that's where his brain functions are located ... that would explain why he is a one ...word ... at ... a ... time ... speaker.

John Fraser said...


Thank you N.C.V. for those Links.

Had a very enjoyable night watching Victorians reject Abbott Abbotts party of liars.

With the exception of 1 Liberal (Craig Laundy) each and every one of the Abbott Abbott gang have defended his lies.

Next up should be the lying newman ......

Link :

which, if Qld repeated Victoria's election result could have added benefits for Northern Rivers residents ...... but I don't hold out much hope in the apathy State of Australia.

Here's hoping this 3 word slogan comes true .... "One Term Tony".