Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Santa's sleigh journey to Australia tonight

Notice issued by Airservices to all airlines operating in airspace over Australia on the night of Wednesday 24 December 2014 with flight details for SLEIGH RIDER 1:

This year Santa will be coming in from New Zealand and going first to Tasmania, flying up to Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory, then onto New South Wales and taking his sleigh further up into Queensland, before turning down again to South Australia and then going across to West Australia before finally going to the Northern Territory and then leaving Australia for Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

All boys and girls need to be in bed once it gets dark outside.


John Fraser said...


I doubt that Santa will be coming to Queensland straight after N.S.W..

With no daylight saving here it would mean he was delivering presents into the future ..... not the present.

More likely he will spend that hour between S.A. and N.T. and then Qld.

I know t means more travel .... so just be sure to leave some carrots out for Rudolph and company.

clarencegirl said...

Santa starts his personal Christmas clock at sunset and stops it at sunrise and, as the Sun is totally indifferent to GMT, Australian standard & daylight saving time he has no difficulty in arriving on the correct day at the correct time everywhere as children around the world can attest. :-)