Friday, 16 January 2015

The Port of Yamba infrastructure romancer soldiers on

If there is one thing that can be said about Queensland’s former truck driver and wannabee infrastructure entrepreneur, Des Euen (left), it is that he is persistent.

A dated suit, a striped tie, a fancy corporate title, a couple of $1-1 share companies with no visible cash or staff and an unworkable idea1 – then he’s off to turn the small Port of Yamba into an international coal port/container terminal & transport hub by 2023.

From first sod to finished port complex in just eight years from now - based on a unsolicited proposal which is yet to get through the Baird Government’s front door.

Mr. Euan has been touting his 'dream' for at least the last two to three years and, he turned up again last December on the website of IQPC’s Infrastructure Privatisation 2014 but it is unknown if he actually participated in the two-day event.

Mention of him popped up again this week when this short email landed in my Inbox:

Hello, I have upset Mr Euen also! He gets very upset when you send links to your blog page to councillors in the region. He has threatened me with legal action. Is he full of hot air and bluff? Keep up the good work.

Apparently the self-promoting Mr. Euen thinks that he should decide when he is mentioned on the Internet and the manner in which he is mentioned.

1. Brief Background:

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