Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Here it comes - an Australian national identity card in disguise

The Sydney Morning Herald 23 January 2015:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has bolstered Malcolm Turnbull's ministerial duties, handing him greater responsibility for e-government in a push to expand the use of a single digital identity for Australians….
The Communications Minister also moved to allay privacy concerns about, for example, different levels of government having access to information they haven't had access to before…..
"It would be opt in. The aim is to make digital modes of engagement so compelling that people want to use it," he said…

An analysis of the first attempt to impose a national identity card in 1987:

Every person in Australia will be required to obtain a Card, including children. The Bill does not make it legally compulsory: it simply makes it impossible for anyone to exist in Australian society without it, because they will be unable to carry out normal activites such [as] the receipt of their pay taxed at the normal rate, operation of bank accounts, or the receipt of social security or health insurance benefits.

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Andrew Thaler said...

Good Luck with that Malcolm. Tony dumping his shit on you is just another reason to dump Tony…

And if it is Opt-In and without it you can't 'exist' to pay taxes a.k.a. the 1980's version… Cool.
I'll not opt-in. I'll make like Apple and do a right Google of my tax :)

Andrew Thaler, Nimmitabel