Tuesday, 10 February 2015

So 59.80% of the federal parliamentary Liberal Party decided to fall in behind the Fool on the Hill?

Apparently federal Liberal Party of Australia members of parliament and senators are so divorced from political reality, that they voted not to bring on a leadership spill on 9 February 2015. A spill which would have declared the leader position vacant and opened the way for the installation of a new prime minister.

For the rest of Australia, who will have to wear this folly, as Tony Abbott goes into eighteen months of continuous election campaigning sans policy (intending to shaft voters a second time around if he is re-elected in late 2016), here is a quick pictorial brushstroke, drawn from that source of all 'electronic graffitti', revealing how the Fool on the Hill progressed towards and through #libspill.

* Apologies to those cartoonists whose names may not be included in these images

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