Sunday, 17 May 2015

Notice to all North Coast Voices readers

Due to events beyond our control North Coast Voices will not be posting until further notice.

For this we apologize to all our regular readers and to those that just drop by from time to time on a whim.


Anonymous said...

I just hope you all get back on-line soon. A valuable asset to the local community with a direct, honest forum on the North Coast.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, I part agree with Anonymous, direct yes, honest well yes if you start with a permanently green, leftie bias!

One hopes ill health or infighting is not the cause of the "circumstances beyond our control".

It is sometimes interesting (sometimes it is as frustrating as hell) to read how the other half think, while I rarely agree with Clarence Girl I respect her right to express and publish her opinions - what amazes me is the never ending volume of her work, she must have little time for anything else. What disappoints occasionally (and without naming I'm sure you know what/who I'm referring to) is the personal, seemingly malicious intent.

Enjoy the rest.

Jim Belshaw said...

I didn't say brain snap, just snap. I said that I could only offer my thoughts and a deep felt wish that things sort themselves out.

Thank you for amplifying. My thoughts remain with you at this time. I look forward to a resumption of debate.

Eldred said...

So sorry to see you gone - please come back.
NCV, along with loon pond, were my daily real connections for the last few years with what's going on with the so-called faux Media.
Thanks for leaving this Repository (err.. Suppository) of Wisdom and sometimes scathing comments on the hipocrisy of the Abbott regime. It's a wealth of resources for denying most of the claptrap we're served up via the MSM.