Saturday, 9 January 2016

Quote of the week

The federal ministry, personally chosen by Turnbull, seems disproportionately populated by gropers, leakers, fibbers, fools, frauds, dickheads and dopes. [Journalist Elizabeth Farrelly, The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 January 2016]

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John Fraser said...


Yeah that's a pretty good quote.

When one thinks of the banks, phoenix building companies and Dick Smith one has to take a look at Dyson Heydon's quote :

"It is clear that in many parts of the world constituted by Australian trade union officials, there is room for louts, thugs, bullies, thieves, perjurers, those who threaten violence, errant fiduciaries and organisers of boycotts."

And wonder just WTF he would say about big business.