Sunday, 10 April 2016

Australian Federal Election 2016: another one for the FFS! file

The Australian, Kevin Andrews at home with his wife in May 2014

Herald Sun, 4 April 2016:

AS KEVIN Andrews prepares to mark 25 years as the member for Menzies, the veteran Liberal MP says he would be prepared to challenge for the leadership of the Liberal party, and therefore the Prime Ministership, under the right circumstances.

In a wideranging interview with the Manningham Leader, Mr Andrews shed light on his work in the electorate, his past disappointments and the circumstances under which he would return to the front bench.

Malcolm Turnbull’s elevation to the Prime Minister’s office last year resulted in Mr Andrews challenging fellow Liberal Julie Bishop for the deputy leadership of the party.

“There wasn’t anything particularly negative about Julie, but she had been deputy leader under Brendan (Nelson), Malcolm, Tony and I thought, ‘well, there hadn’t really been a contest for the deputy leadership’,” he said…… [my red bolding]

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