Sunday, 17 July 2016

For all those political tragics out there: the 1.419 million sq kms* which became three Coalition MP-free zones on 2 July 2016

A total of six states and two territories make up the Commonwealth of Australia - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Did all of these eight elect at least one Coalition candidate to the House of Representatives on 2 July 2016? No.

Three returned zero Liberal Party or National Party MPs - Tasmania, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

In the Northern Territory the lone Country Liberal incumbent Natasha Griggs lost her seat to Labor and the second Territory seat remained with Labor.
In the ACT both lower house seats were retained by Labor.
Out of the five Tasmanian seats three were held by the Liberals after the 2013 election – these were all lost at this election with Eric Hutchinson, Brett Whitely and Andrew Nikolic being sacked by their electorates.

It would appear that while Malcolm Bligh Turnbull’s millions may possibly have brought him government in a closely fought election for the 226 upper and lower house seats, it couldn’t buy him this one small state or either territory**.

* The combined land area of Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT is 1,419,888 sq kms - over 18 per cent of Australia's land mass - according to Geoscience Australia.

** The Nationals look set to retain one of the two Northern Territory senate seats and the Liberals to retain one of the two ACT senate seats - the count to date indicates it is also likely that four of the twelve Tasmanian senate seats will be held by the Liberals.

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