Friday, 1 July 2016

Pressure of community concerns sees National Party and Labor candidates joining The Greens in Page to oppose Yamba Mega Port plan

While not yet official party policy at either state or federal level for any of the major political parties, it was heartening to see the Nationals Kevin Hogan and Labor's Janelle Saffin join The Green's Kudra Falla-Ricketts in opposing Australian Infrastructure Developments' proposal to create an industrial mega port in the Clarence River estuary.

Both Ms. Saffin and Ms. Falla-Ricketts have a strong history of opposing inappropriate development in the Northern Rivers region.

Kudra Falla-Ricketts was active in the CSG Free Northern Rivers campaign and Janelle Saffin successfully lobbied NSW Labor to include a ban on coal seam gas exploration and mining within the Northern Rivers region in her party's official policies.

Clarence Valley Independent, 29 June 2016:
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to argue, but didn't the ALP introduce CSG mining to the Northern Rivers, and isn't Ms Saffon an ALP candidate?

And secondly, our Greens candidate is just out of high school, how could an 18 y.o. have a strong history of anything?

But yes, anybody in this district who supports a Yamba Mega Port will have a very short career in politics indeed (and so it should be).

clarencegirl said...

Ian Causley as the relevant NSW Minister and Nats MP for Clarence granted NSW PELs in 1990s.
From memory PEL 0002 was one he granted and that was only bought back by government in 2014.