Friday, 2 September 2016

Australian Census 2016 stumbles on.....

The Australian reports on the desperation of the Australian Bureau of Statistics to achieve the numbers required to legitimize census results, 29 August 2016:

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ grand experiment with digital technology has entered a new phase, asking more than 25,000 census collectors to use their own smartphones and tablets in a blitz of 3.5 million households that have failed to return their questionnaires.

In one of the world’s largest “bring-your-own-technology” enterprises, more than 500 varieties of smartphone and tablet have been registered to track which homes have been visited and what hazards collectors should expect when they arrive.

The initiative is part of an ABS effort to match the 98.3 per cent coverage achieved by the census in 2011 — a target the federal opposition suspects is now out of reach amid public panic over privacy concerns and website outages in its early stages.

Census chief Duncan Young said the census field collectors had been equipped with Apple iOS and Android applications instead of the hefty bound books issued to census collectors in previous years. Mr Young downplayed the system’s vulnerability to cyber attack, saying collectors faced strict security hurdles before being allowed access to the system……

If this exchange is correct in its details then something is seriously wrong with the attitude and actions of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Turnbull Government and, with  Australian society if it tolerates this behaviour.

          1.    Amy Gray @_AmyGray_  Aug 22
Census collectors came to my place last week. They knocked on and then tried to OPEN my door. Another #CensusFail
          2.   kelloveslife @kelloveslife  Aug 26
@_AmyGray_ I came home Sat evening to find a card ON MY DINING TABLE that the census person had left!
          3.    Amy Gray @_AmyGray_  Aug 26
@kelloveslife No one had let them in?
          4.   kelloveslife @kelloveslife  Aug 26
@_AmyGray_ no one was home except the dog & cat
          5.    Amy Gray @_AmyGray_  Aug 26
@kelloveslife Just to confirm: no one who lives in your home took materials from or let in a census worker?
;          6.  kelloveslife @kelloveslife  Aug 26
@_AmyGray_ AFAIK no, there was nobody home all day
          7.  Amy Gray @_AmyGray_  Aug 26
@kelloveslife Have you asked the other people in your house? Sorry, just trying to confirm and edge out any potential deniablity from them.


9:21 AM - 26 Aug 2016

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