Thursday, 1 December 2016

IQ rankings and where Donald J Trump might just fit

**Please note before reading that there is no verifiable proof available online for the Intelligence Quotients (IQs) listed.This post is based on a casual Google search**

Standardised IQ tests produce a rough approximation of an individual’s perceived intelligence level in comparison to others.  An I.Q somewhere between 90 and 110 is usually considered average intelligence and an estimated 8.9 per cent of the population is likely to have an IQ score of 120 or over.

This is what Donald Trump says of his own intelligence level:
Browsing the Internet gives some examples of estimated intelligence levels of famous and not-so-famous individuals ranging from paragons of virtue through to serial killers:

187. Bobby Fischer 
185. Galileo Galilei 
180. Rene Descartes
178. Tim Roberts
175. Immanuel Kant
175. Peter Rodgers
170. Stephen Hawking
170. Paul Allen
168. Sharvin Jeyendran
165. Charles Darwin
165. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
162. Lydia Sebastian
160. Albert Einstein
160. George Eliot
160. Nicolaus Copernicus
160. Bill Gates
155. Rembrandt van Rijn
153. Joshua Madugula
150. Nolan Gould 
149. Jimmy Saville
148. Abraham Lincoln 
145. Thomas Edison
145. Napoleon
143. Richard Nixon
141. Adolf Hitler
140. George Washington
140. Hillary Clinton
140. The woman down the road from me  
132. Nicole Kidman
130. Barack Obama
125. George W. Bush
120. Ulysses S. Grant
120. Dwight D. Eisenhower
ß--------------------------------------------------- Right about here is where I would place U.S. Republican president-elect Donald John Trump based on his own estimation.
119. John F. Kennedy
118. David Berkowitz
113. Zombie Girl
111. Sarah Palin
ß--------------------------------------------------- Right about here is where I would place Donald Trump based on my estimation.
109. Charles Manson
104. Max Nocerino

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