Thursday, 1 December 2016

Australian internet speeds improving at snail's pace

My Broadband v Reality has been running a State of the Internet online survey here.

On 24 November 2016 the organisers tweeted some interim survey results:

Which ISP do you use?

Telstra 26.2%
iiNet 14.7%
Internode 11.7%
TPG 10.4%
Optus 9.2%
Skymesh 6.7%
These are the five most common Internet service providers named by survey respondents

What type of Internet connection?

ADSL 54.9%
Satellite 10.4%
FttP 9.4%
HFC 8.1%
FttN 6.1%

Median download speed of the 400 survey respondents was 11Mbps.
Average download speed was 22.9Mbps

Average cost of Internet plan : $84.34 per month

To place these preliminary results in perspective here are the April-June 2016 Top 10 average connectivity rankings found in Akamai Technologies latest State of the Internet report:

Here is how Australia officially compares with some of its trading partners:

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