Saturday, 16 June 2012

Robin Hood O'Farrell, giving to the rich and taking from the poor

Mr ROBERT FUROLO:……Today we face a new challenge. The decision of this heartless Government to use the Federal Government's carbon price payment to calculate the rent of public housing tenants is reprehensible. To attack the most vulnerable, the most disadvantaged, the elderly, the sick and the frail and to take their payment designed to offset the impacts of carbon pricing is just plain wrong. What makes this worse is that at the same time as the O'Farrell Liberal Government is hitting the most vulnerable with increased rent for public housing pensioners and families it is cutting the rent for jetties and pontoons for millionaires and their waterfront homes. That is right: hit the pensioners in public housing with a rent increase and cut rent for millionaires in waterfront properties. What kind of topsy-turvy world is this? What does that say about the Government's values? [my emphasis]

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sue said...

A matter of the Haves and the Have yachts.

As Pru Goward is going to be on Q & A you may like to tweet a question for her on this subject