Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Latest Essential Research poll shows Labor under threat in 3 out of 5 mainland states

Somewhat going against recent poll trends comes the Essential Report of 16 August 2010.
This report summarises the results of a weekly omnibus conducted by Essential Research with data provided by Your Source.
The survey was conducted online from 10th to 15th August and is based on 1,001 respondents.

Federal politics – voting intention

Q. The Federal Election will be held on 21 August - to which party will you probably give your first preference in the House of Representatives? If not sure, which party are you currently leaning toward?
Q. If don’t know – Well which party are you currently leaning to for the House of Representatives?

2,160 sample size

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NB. The data in the above tables comprise 3-week averages derived the first preference/leaning to voting questions. Respondents who select ‘don’t know’ are not included in the results. The two-party preferred estimate is calculated by distributing the votes of the other parties according to their preferences at the 2007 election.


In the state report which added figures over the last three weeks, there is an error which affects a number of the 2PP figures.
Corrected figures increase the 2PP for Labor by 1% in NSW, SA and WA.
2PP in NSW is then Labor 48 Coalition 52; SA is 54/46 and WA is 47/53.
National, Victoria and Queensland figures remain unchanged.

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