Friday, 26 August 2011

How could anyone believe anything that appears in this cellar-dwelling rag

Thanks, ABC North Coast Radio, for alerting listeners to a very bodgy newspaper that had a free, below the belt, shot at Rob Oakeshott, the independent member for Lyne.

The piece in the rag was written by its editor Sharon Davidson.

Davidson has extensive form in The Nationals' camp. She spent a bit of time at a desk at a Grafton local newspaper, but she's spent a lot more time in the company of  North Coast National MPs.
Davidson's CV lists, among others,

1. Former MP for Page Ian (Bull) Causley

2. The do-nothing MP for Clarence, Steve (One-Too-Many-Trips-to-the-Boxing-Ring) Cansdell, who said  Davidson was one of his "gals" in his inaugural speech , and

3. Luke (Tilting at Windmills) Hartsuyker


Anonymous said...

The publisher of the paper is AUSTRALIAN CORPORATE & MARKETING SERVICES PTY LTD. Its Facebook page is
and, surprise, surprise, this comment is shown: "Sharon Davidson likes this."

Anonymous said...

On 22 Feb 2008 the ASIC Gazette listed AUSTRALIAN CORPORATE & MARKETING SERVICES PTY LTD as due for deregistration in two months. Wonder what saved it?

Australian News and Media was registered in December 2010 and the Port Paper came into being in March this year.

Mr Hartsuyker told The Australian that Port Paper editor Sharon Davidson had left his office in April this year - despite the fact that her Facebook account lists him as one of her employers up until May 2011. She still appears to be an ordinary member of the National Party.

No wonder Oakeshott is telling the media he has reported Port News to ACMA and the Australian Electoral Commission.