Sunday, 8 January 2012

That's it! Kraft's off the menu on Australia Day

At first I thought April Fool’s Day had come early this year, then I remembered that we’re talking about Kraft here.
The company that wants to celebrate Australia Day by defacing an Aussie icon in the lead up to 26th January 2012.
Why stop there? How about giving the Eureka Flag a design makeover, rechristening Ned Kelly, banning Sunday barbies and dyeing tap beer pink for the rest of the month?

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FigMince said...

And of course, there's the mooted idea of 'branding' Anzac Day for its centenary in 2015. Essentially they're just looking at promotional concepts, but why stop there when you can flog off the naming rights too? Me, I like the irony of something like 'Mitsubishi Anzac Day'.