Friday, 6 January 2012

View from the far side of American politics

2012 U.S. Presidential Election – Republican Pre-selection Race - Iowa Caucus frontrunners in as few words as possible......

Rick Santorum
Conservative, Catholic, Creationist, Climate Change denier, Included in CREW Most Corrupt Members of Congress list in 2006, Former U.S. Congressman and two-term U.S. Senator sacked by voters in 2006,  Lawyer, Energy industry consultant and former FOX NEWS contracted contributor, Endorsed by Rupert Murdoch, Described Wikileaks as being led by a terrorist, Annual income estimated at around $1 million, 53 years old, IQ debatable.

Mitt Romney
Conservative, Mormon, Pro-Lifer, Climate Change sceptic, More policy positions than the Karma Sutra, One-term Massachusetts Governor 2003-2007 then retired, Former private equity dealer, Biotech multinational Monsanto & Co a former client, Endorsed by John McCain, Refuses to publicly release his tax returns & allegations of tax evasion, Personal wealth estimated at $250 million, 64 years old, IQ debatable.

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Anonymous said...

God help America if these have any chance of leading the country.