Wednesday, 6 February 2013

CSG mining company Metgasco now throwing Githabul elders off their own land?

Officials close the Eden Creek State Forest
adjoining the Doubtful Creek coal seam gas drilling site yesterday afternoon

In order to assist Metgasco Limited in its battle with Northern Rivers protestors, officials have closed Eden Creek State Forest.

Therefore Metgasco needs to explain why an elder apparently in the forest as part of his cultural duties and obligations found himself in the middle of this incident reported in The Daily Examiner on 6 February 2013:

Earlier, two Githabul elders were arrested in two separate incidences while police secured the site.
Witnesses said one of the men was conducting a Githabul initiation ceremony when he was arrested within the Eden Creek State Forest for allegedly spitting.
Eden Creek State Forest was handed back to the Githabul people under the Native Title Act in 2007.


sue said...

check out the T shirts in this article. You may like to make some flyers out of the O'Farrell Hartcher pledge.
"Water not coal"

or is CSG not part of the pledge on water

sue said...

just saw this on a tweet from Rob Oakshott