Monday, 24 June 2013

Aunty ABC telling NSW something it's known for yonks - Telstra's copper wire is stuffed!

This was Aunty on the 23rd June 2013:
It’s London to a brick that a quick phone survey across NSW regional areas would show that dodgy internet connections during heavy rainfall are par for the course.
On the North Coast the air would be blue in response because even landlines begin to get temperamental in the wet.
Abbott’s cut price version of the NBN will have us all paying higher prices for zero improvement to our internet connections.

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Political Animal said...

What Turncoat was saying shows he has no idea and no costings—#Fraudband is not serious policy and the Costello “Audit” will just say we cannot afford even #Fraudband and we begin the slide down all sorts of competitiveness rankings (business, education, science etc) to become the poor white trash of Asia!