Friday, 6 September 2013

I don't intend to censor the Internet - Abbott's last lie of the federal election campaign?

Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on the subject of the Coalition’s internet censorship policy, as reported by on 6 September 2013:

"We don't support Internet filtering, we have never supported Internet filtering...
I think there should be commercially available filters at the PC and mobile phone level for people to opt into if they wish.
I read the policy last night, quickly it has to be said, I thought it was a reference to the ability of people to get an Internet based filter. I am sorry it was poorly worded, that has been cleared up."

If reader’s take the time to peruse the Coalition’s original policy below (which has since been removed from its election campaign websites) they will quickly discover that a mandatory filter on all devices capable of accessing the Internet (with a user opt-out option) and the mandatory participation of all Internet Service Providers was not a case of poor wording or last minute addition.

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