Friday, 6 September 2013

The violent face of things to come under an Abbott government?

The campaign worker wearing a Liberal Party t-shirt carries a Stanley knife. Source: Supplied

POLICE are investigating allegations that a Liberal campaign worker threatened the sister of western Sydney Labor MP Ed Husic with a Stanley knife last night.
It is the second incident involving police and Liberal staff in the past two days.
The Daily Telegraph has learned that on Thursday, a group of Liberal Party campaign workers rushed Mr Husic's sister, Sabina Husic, with the knife yelling "you f..king dog".
The alleged incident occurred when Ms Husic and colleague were patrolling Labor posters in Mt Druitt, in the seat of Chifley on Thursday night, after reports they had been vandalised, when they were set upon by three cars.
A witness said four men, including the local Liberal campaign manager Jeremy Greenwood, the campaign director for Liberal candidate Isobel White, approached Ms Husic yelling abuse. One of them was holding a Stanley knife.

A complaint was made to Mt Druitt police and the NSW Liberal Party campaign head office.
It is believed Mr Greenwood has since been removed from the campaign, after photographic evidence - obtained by The Daily Telegraph on-line - was supplied to the Liberal HQ.
Ms Husic declined to comment claiming the matter was under police investigation.......
Read the rest of the 6 September 2013 Daily Telegraph article here.

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Anonymous said...

It's a photo of a liberal staffer walking after cutting posters? where is the threatening? where is the proof? The rest of the story is completely made up and a sign of Labor desperation