Monday, 16 December 2013

Federal Communications Minister and Telstra/BigPond Fail - BIG TIME!

It is 2.24 pm on the afternoon of 16 December 2013 and I am experiencing an all too familiar complaint with my Telstra/BigPond Broadband Internet connection.

I have been (sometimes for hours at a time) unable to connect to the Internet via my BigPond account since around 9.30am this morning.

This is not an isolated instance – it has been happening almost every day since, as a pensioner, I paid good money at commercial rates to Telstra/BigPond for a connection to the Internet via ADSL and Wireless.

I have complained to Telstra/BigPond again today as I have in the past and, they have as always always assured me that the connection problem will be fixed/is fixed.
However, that fix never lasts above half an hour to around twenty-four hours later.

I suspect that is because Telstra/BigPond is offering me an Internet service down copper wire infrastructure in a coastal section of a regional NSW flood plain, with a high water table which the company knows is impacted by acid sulphate.

Telstra Limited and BigPond are well aware that they are incapable of honouring the service publicly advertised, offered to and paid for by me - and the same service offered to many thousands of others on the NSW North Coast.

Perhaps Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull might like to explain how he is to deliver the allegedly high-speed National Broadband Network to my street/door when Telstra/BigPond cannot even deliver a basic slow service to me today?


Executive Operations-Telstra contacted North Coast Voices on 17 December 2013 and is endeavoring to resolve the problems with my Internet connection.


It's now 7 February 2014 and I think it is safe to declare that my Internet connection problem has been resolved.

There is still the odd episode, but these are now measured in minutes not hours.

I have to say that I was impressed by the level of service Telstra displayed in resolving my very public complaint.

A special favourable mention goes to Executive Operations and to Tony the technician.

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