Sunday, 8 December 2013

Just one of the many reasons why Metgasgo Limited's share price is still in the doldrums

This is the Metgasco Limited Price History Chart at close of business on 5 December 2013:

This is The Woop Woop March coming to the Australian Parliament House on 3 December 2013: 

The Daily Examiner and The Northern Star announce the protesters arrival:

Ballina Shire Advocate on 4 December 2013 telling the world why they were there:

A PAIR of Glenugie land- owners rode horses to Parliament House in Canberra yesterday to protest Metgasco coal seam gas operations near their property.
Joined by 10 others over a 74-day journey from Grafton, Colaria owners Mick and Donna Franklin hit out at CSG exploration on neighbouring properties......
Mr Franklin said he did not have Metgasco tenements over his land, but he was worried about the impacts exploration on a property next door might have.
One of his greatest concerns was that CSG operations might impact his property's spring water supply.
"I own my land, and I don't owe anything to anyone - I simply want to be able to live on my land without anyone coming on and trying to drill on it," he said. "We came all the way down to Canberra to show the politicians we did not want CSG to impact on our land and water."

While this was ABC News covering the beginning of the protest ride: 

Anti coal seam gas protesters take to horse back to deliver message to Canberra

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