Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Lies Abbott Tells - Part Seven


The Australian 16 December 2013:

TONY Abbott has ramped up the pressure on Indonesia to resume cooperation to stop asylum boats, blaming a lack of assistance from Jakarta for an "uptick" in boat arrivals over the past fortnight.....


Since the Abbott Government was sworn in on 18 September and up to 14 December 2013, 26 suspected illegal entry vessels have arrived in Australian territorial waters. Either as undiscovered land falls/escorted boats/passengers from unsafe boats taken on board naval or custom vessels.

Indonesia was reported to have ceased surveillance of asylum seeker movements in late November.

The average number of boats arriving in Australia between 18 September and 30 November was 1 boat every four days.

This is the same average number as recorded between 18 September and 14 December 2013.

There has been no significant increase (or decrease) in the number of boat arrivals since the start of the Abbott Government’s Operation Sovereign Borders.

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