Saturday, 1 February 2014

Moggy Musings (Archived material from Boy the Wonder Cat)

A Christmas Seafood FAIL musing: My human picked up a modest king prawn & oysters in the shell order from Clarence River Fishermen's Co-operative at its Yamba outlet in the am of Christmas Eve. When she arrived home and opened the parcels it was discovered that 22% of the prawns were not fit for table and the oysters hailed from land-locked Alstonville, were only labelled 'product of Australia' (not a good sign) had skirts that were predominantly gristle and some had a strange black centre. No wonder the co-op was giving away a free bottle of white wine with each order! Me - I was looking forward to being slipped an oyster during Christmas dinner but my human tells me she might not be serving up these oysters at all if the ones sampled at lunch today cause problems. PS. The black centred ones hit the bin straight away.

An I wonder musing: I wonder if Iris Research will ever admit to Clarence Valley Council the exact number of respondents in its recent poll who mentioned council management as an impediment to good governance, transparency and adequate community consultation?

A mathematical musing: If I had a sardine for every journalist who has written about Abbott’s first 100 days before he’d even reached 70 days in the driver’s seat I could probably eat my fill of sardines at every meal from Christmas Day right through to New Year.

A gotcha musing: Remember this anonymous letter to the editor? The author forgot what a small valley community it was in which he chose to obscure his identity. So take a bow, John Ibbotson of Gulmarrad, you’ve been sprung!

A Gilbert & Sullivan musing: They say a happy ship never leaks. HMS Pinafore Clarence Valley Council is not a happy ship. Moggies across the valley are sniggering as they listen to amused ratepayers repeating the Captain's boasting which is being semaphored to shore from within the ranks of his trusted lieutenants. I suspect that First Lord of the Admiralty Williamson would not be amused.

A you can run but you can’t hide musing: In December 2013 Clarence Valley Council is settling Smith v Clarence Valley Council out of court. Rumour has it that the fact that senior staff discovered that even as far away as Murwillumbah Court House they could not escape the valley’s eagle eye and, the fact of council's decision not to continue with the matter but move to a settlement, are not mere co-incidence.

A well waddaya know musing: Look what the NSW online court lists say is occurring today.
MURWILLUMBAH COURT HOUSE, MAIN STREET, MURWILLUMBAH NSW,DEPUTY PRESIDENT HARRISON, Court Room 10:00am Hearing, IRC13/308 - Smith & Clarence Valley Council re dismissal.

A Whozat? musing: Which North Coast council manager is not keeping councillors up to speed on the fallout from his paranoid management style. K99 the mixed breed dog from ****** tells me that both indoor and outdoor employees are up in arms.

A don't beat upon insects musing: The Australian on November 2 told the world that the Abbott Government was introducing new ant-bullying laws. It's nice to see the lowly ant receive justice at last.


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