Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Talk about un-Australian!

Putting the heat on

It is not just the ABC that needs to have a long hard look at its inherent anti-government bias. Recently, another taxpayer-funded agency, also with a three-letter acronym, has been guilty of politically motivated bias. You can tell just by its name that "the BOM" (the Bureau of Meteorology) is a doubtful organisation with anti-establishment tendencies. Its preoccupation with storms and freak weather events is unbalanced. For example, how often do you hear talk of "an unusually pleasant string of Sunday afternoons"? This may well have happened, but oh no, you won't see that on the BOM website.

The BOM finally went too far this January. Allegedly the temperature in Melbourne was 41, 42, 44, and 45 degrees on four consecutive days. This is so biased it is laughable. For example, in my airconditioned living room it was under 30 the whole time, until the power failed, and even then it only reached 39 degrees. It is time the BOM was broken up and privatised, so instead of just one narrow view that serves only the anti-economic interests of greens and other looney-tunes, mainstream voices can be heard. We need choice, not depressing and frankly un-Australian weather "facts".

Paul Johnson, Clifton Hill

Source: The Age, 10/2/14

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John Fraser said...


I would like to put it on the public record that I am just as treasonous as those who work for the ABC and BOM.

Because I listen to them !

When the Abbott deaths head (unemployment) squad come for me I will hold my head up high and go out kicking and screaming.

And I have absolutely no doubt that because I am a Queenslander the LNP Queensland government will most likely declare me to be a "bikie" and see that I am locked up in solitary for 22 hours.

Viva the Revolution !

Down with the tyrants Murdoch, Abbott and newman.