Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fred Perring gets called on his colourful anecdotal information

In which resident far-right buffoon and frequent letters correspondent Fred Perring gets ‘owned’ by a Yamba resident…….

Letter to the Editor, The Daily Examiner, 14 March 2014:

A dog's breakfast

Normally I enjoy Fred Perring's contributions, but his efforts published on Monday, March 10, in your paper left me with the feeling that women, in particular, were demeaned.

To make matters worse, I have heard similar stories before. Are you sure you were really there, Fred?

If I shut my eyes I can visualise Fred's next letter to you. In this, he will swear that what he has said was true, perhaps he will "gild the lily" even more by stating that the girl he says he saw sharing an ice cream with her dog was later seen piddling on telegraph posts and chasing motor cars down the street.

Allan Townsend

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