Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Word of the unrest spreads......

Letter to the editor, The Daily Examiner, 19 March 2014:

Question bullying

Councillor Margaret McKenna's motion in council regarding violence against people on the basis of their sexuality is commendable (DEX, 15/3).
The violation of anyone's human rights is unacceptable in a civilised society.
Bullying and intimidation in the workplace is equally abhorrent and, I would suggest, a far more widespread form of human rights abuse.
If the good councillor were to ask just how many complaints of this kind of abuse have occurred within Clarence Valley Council over the past 12 months, she may be very unpleasantly surprised.
Bullying in the workplace can become endemic if it is not addressed forcefully and publicly. Bullying and intimidation are trademarks of an absence of quality leadership.
The impact on its victims, their families, their work colleagues, and the productivity and morale of the entire organisation is as profound as it is irreparable.
It cannot be contained or hidden.
We live in an age when social media and personal networks can negate any attempted commercial blackmail of mainstream media.
I would suggest Cr McKenna and all Clarence Valley councillors need to address an issue that threatens not only the reputation and integrity of this council but its continuance in office, and they need to do it immediately.

Ian Saunders

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Ursula Tunks said...

They bully their own team members and members of the community who dare to question their decision making or the 'powerful' friends. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, even in the rural backwaters of the Clarence Valley. Good on you Margaret and no need to tell you to watch your back, I know you are aware of this need and have been for years.